Penny Auction and Raffle

Penny Auction and Raffle is being held on Saturday July 16 from 10 am till 2 pm.
Benefits go to Rock Solid Thrift Store, next to us!

We love to do Penny Auctions!! They are a great way to move lots of inventory and make way for new items. Even better is we will be donating the proceeds from our Penny Auction and Raffle to our neighbor - Rock Solid Thrift Store. They're a non-profit with a great mission so we wanted to help them with a nice donation and meanwhile help us move some of our inventory!!

We have some wonderful items and raffle items for sales and giveaways!

We'll have lots of items on special sales and each entry into our "signup" right below here will get you in the door (Limited space) and will also automatically enter you into our Raffle to be held at our store - Dragonfly-Flea-Market!!

Due to large crowds always attending these, we MUST limit the number of people that can enter the building.
Be sure you're registered below to gain entrance. Without your name on our list, we cannot allow you to enter the building until all who signed up have had a chance to enter.

Any question - Please Contact Us